Lithium Ion Batteries and Packages

Lithium Ion Batteries:

Eco Battery Packages

Club Car: Precedent & Onward available. Priced for $4,019.20.

EZGO: TXT(36 volt) starting at $3,239.76. RXV(48 volt) starting at $4,147.99

Yamaha: Drive1 & Drive2 starting at $4,417.99(less for Drive 1 models). Also available for G1-G22 as well.

All Eco Battery packages come with -Battery Thru Hole or Skinny model -51V Charger (Locking Quick Connect) -DC-DC 12V Converter (40V-90V Input) -CAN Digital 5V Gauge Kit. Some come with few extras. Picture to follow.

Dakota Lithium Ion Packages:

48 Volt 96 AH

48 volt/96 amp hour Lithium Ion battery, comes with the charger. Cuts close to 300 pounds of weight, compared to lead acid batteries. Driving time is between 30 and 60 miles, depending on cart and terrain. 11 year warranty!!!

Package for this battery starts at $3,017.50.

36 Volt 60 AH

Dakota Lithium Ion 36 volt/60 amp hour battery, comes with charger. Drive time is between 25 to 35 miles, depends on cart and terrain. 11 year warranty.

Package starts at $1,778.50.

DL12+ Volt 135 AH

DL+ 12 volt 135 amp hour. One of their strongest Lithium Ion batteries, but only weighing it at 27.2 pounds!! Connect these in series to make 48 volt or 36 volt. Or use them for all day on your trolling motor. With a higher amp hour discharge amount up to 400 amp hours allowed.

Price per battery is $1,330.

12 Volt 100AH

Perfect for trolling motors, solar energy storage, recreational vehicles, and other applications as well. Still 60% lighter then lead acid battery. Can not be used in golf cart applications unfortunately:(.

Price per battery is $893.75.