Ottawa Golf Cart Repair Services

Core Services & Prices

Ottawa golf cart repair and service

We offer full mobile service. We bring the shop to you, on your schedule.

*** Pricing Increase coming for 2022**

Service Call Rates: $85/hour, minimum 1 hr charge.

In house service: $65/hour

Do you want your cart to stand out from everyone else, then let us help you. We offer a wide range of aftermarket parts, that will make you stand out from the crowd. From simple bolt on rim/tire combos, to full on cart makeovers, we can make your cart one of a kind!

Most of our parts are in stock and ready to put on your cart, if we don’t have it though we can usually have it in your hands within the week!.

Here is a few sample items we can throw on your cart:

  • Light kits
  • Rear seat kits
  • Lift kits
  • Rim/Tire combos
  • Complete interior overhauls, dash,steering wheel, floor matts
  • Seat upholstery, many color patterns to choose from

We also offer full assortment of vinyl wrap colours to choose from.

Don’t want it wrapped??

We can also professional paint it to any colour you want!!