Ottawa Golf Cart Repair Services

Core Services & Prices

Ottawa golf cart repair and serviceComplete Cart Repair: $750.00

Front Cowl Repair: $250.00

Rear Body Repair: $375.00

Roof Repair: $225.00

Complete Buff & Polish: $45.99
Note: any scratches that cannot be buffed will be the client’s decision of whether to have it refinished.

Refinishing Work: $35.00/Hour
Note: Any scratches or scrapes that require refinish work will be charged per hour, plus a charge for material usage as well.

Tune-up: $35.99
Includes: oil, oil filter, spark plug, battery check, fuel filter change, tire pressure, and a thorough cleaning.

Seat Upholstery: Varies for pricing depending on seat cover price usually between, $65-$75.

  • To recover a seat without plywood, the cost is $120.00 (includes labour and hardware).
  • If seat requires new plywood, a 5/8″ piece of pressure treated plywood will be cut to size and new t-nuts and bolts will be installed, at a cost of $145.00.

Golf Cart Customization

Light Kit (LED or Halogen): varies in price for makes and models from $300 to $400, installed.

Voltage Reducers: required for any aftermarket part added to your cart. Priced from $55-$75 installed.

Lift Kits: From 3-inch to massive 6-inch lifts. Kits start from $350, without install.

Many other items can be added on to your cart, please contact us with any questions or if you’d like a quote.

Golf Cart Transportation

This service is helpful for those who have no means of transporting their Golf Carts, whether it be for personal use or winter storage.

We offer enclosed trailer options for single golf carts, which also allows for safer transportation of the custom golf carts that require extra attention.

We also offer open flat bed service for larger jobs.

Cost: $16.50 per cart, which includes up to 100km from starting point to place of destination. If the trip requires over 100km it is an additional $10 per extra 50km.