Parts, Accessories and Batteries

We have in stock a large selection of golf cart parts and accessories. Below will be some of are common and best sellers. We try and stock as many parts as we can, but that doesn’t mean we have it all. If we don’t have, we will simply just order it.

All part prices are in a range, please contact us with make and model, and we will be happy to provide you with a more accurate cost.

Rear Seat Kit – $475.99 to $650.89

LED Light Kit – $175.99 to $345.99

Rims and Tire Combos – 10 Inch=$680 to $900 12 Inch= $850 to $1,300 14 Inch=$1100 to $1600.. So many styles to choose from for all sizes, contact for exact pricing.

Roof Racks- Store anything on your roof, with the convenient roof rack system, kits start from $247.20

Windshields – In stock always, Clear Folding Windshields starting at $125.67


We strive to keep batteries in stock, we can get you any brand you which. These are the ones we have in stock. Core charge of $26.00 apply to all battery purchases without the return of the old batteries(cores). We like to keep a name brand and aftermarket brand in stock, but due to COVID, are choices are bleak these days.

6 Volt DC Interstate – $182.26 per battery

8 Volt DC Crown Brand- $232.40 per battery

12 Volt DC Crown Brand- $295.19 per battery.

12 Volt Standard Side Post- $125.55

Plus we have 6 gauge cable, eyelets and cleaner/protector for your batteries.