Ottawa Golf Carts for Sales

Valley Golf Cart Repair Ltd sells multiple carts throughout the season. If you are shopping around Ottawa and the Valley for a new or used cart, then you have found the right place!

Just because you may not see it here, doesn’t mean we don’t have it available, always contact us for availability of new and preowned  golf carts.

We also finance all makes and years of carts!!

We do accept trade in towards our inventory, remember I have to make a buck too, so I will try and offer fair value for your trade in. 


New Warranty for 2022

10+ year old Carts = 3 month Warranty

5 to 10 year old Carts = 6 month Warranty 

5 year old and newer Carts  = 1 Year Warranty

*******INCOMING CARTS********

2019 EZGO RXV EFI gas cart incoming. They are very clean, and super quiet. Should be in stock early June 2023, coming next 2 weeks.

2019 RXV Efi

2018 EZGO RXV gas. I will have 12 available. Please go ahead and let me know and I can place one on hold(no deposit required).

Should see them in next 2 weeks. 



2023 AGT Electric carts. We have 3 x AGT Zephyrs and 3 x AGT Nomads coming in for the spring. Please go ahead and reserve your brand new cart.


****** IN STOCK CARTS******

Now in stock, 2011 Yamaha Drive green in color, 48 volt system. Yes they are plain jane 2 person carts, but don’t let that bother you, we can add a rear seat, light kit, whatever you may need. There are 6 of these bad boys for sale, 1 has 2021/22 batteries in it already, so it is ready to rock and roll, price on that one is $5,100+hst. For the other 5 carts, 2 will be going Eco Battery Lithium Ion setup in them, and the others will be going new Lead acid batteries, we can change it around as it goes. Price for the new lead acid ones are, $6,100+hst. and prices for the Lithium versions will be around $8000-$9000 area(waiting on confirmations). If you want to add a seat or light kit, you can safely add on $750. Of course we have lift kits, rims/tire combos, the list is endless. 

Do not forget, just because it is a 2 person cart, does not mean we cant make it a 4.



2002 Club Car DS. Yes it is not brand new in age, but it has a brand new heart and brain. We have upgraded this one, and gave it a new life. Brand new 440 amp Navitas controller, with on the fly programming. Need more speed done! Need more acceleration sure!! Change it whenever. Also we have put in a new Eco Battery in the heart of it, 105AH of power. So with that, you shed probably 400 pounds of weight, you gain 100% of the power, no maintenance, warranty for yearsssss. We will be selling this unit for $8,100+hst. Comes with 3 month of warranty on the cart, and 8 years of warranty on the battery. 


Come and take a look and drive on the 2023 Valley Cart. This will be the demo model to show and tell to everyone. Again these carts will be coming fully loaded. In these carts the come standard with, headlight high and low beam, fog lights, turn signals(on lights and side view mirrors), bull bar, windshield, extended roof, rear seat kit with arm rests and cupholders, and front and rear seat belts. Also comes with LCD monitor which features Bluetooth, rear view camera and radio all ready to go. Built in gauge to see battery level and kilometers. Under the hood, will always be Lithium Ion batteries, none of the future carts will be lead acid. Now I do have a few options for Lithium Ion as well, so that can be discussed. We are doing pre-orders on these carts, they take around 2 to 3 months to come in, and be assembled. Get yours before camping season starts. Price for these units start at $14,500 plus HST, with battery selection being the biggest variable on price. 

Come out, drive it, let’s talk about getting you into one!


Recently upgraded and redone 2007 EZGO TXT(36 volt) with a Storm Body kit added on. This kit is a beautiful Cherry Metallic color, and comes with a full LED light kit added in to it, that has turn signals, and also a horn on it !! We have added a full rear seat kit to it, a 84 inch extended roof to it. This cart also has a Jakes long travel suspension lift kit and 14 inch rim and tire combo. This cart has 3 year batteries in it, that test perfectly and have lots of life left in them. If you wish to have different style rims, or want to upgrade the batteries, we can discuss all these options as well. 


2017 Club Car Precedent electrics, white in color. Photos to follow shortly. Carts will be dressed up with light kits, rear seat kits, the essentials we will call it!.  Will most likely have new 6 x 8 volt batteries installed as well. Prices will reflect added on options, and also new batteries. 

Pricing start at $8,599+hst. Add on a 6 inch lift, and 14″ rim/tire combo for $1,499.


New 2022 AGT Electric Nomad. These carts will be brand new, straight from the factory. They have a lot of the popular accessories that everyone wants, which includes light kit, rear seat kit. These models are coming in also with factory lift kit, 25″ tires sitting on 12″ rims, and some other tasteful extras that are nice to have while you are out and driving. I am sure I am missing something about these carts. But we will have to wait and find out. 

Only blue left in stock!! Prices for these units will be $12,413 plus freight/pdi and can’t forget hst. 


2007 EZGO TXT PDS Electric carts. Get them while I have them, only 10 of these units left. They are used, but are in decent shape. They are a 36 volt system, with some of them having 2018 or 2020 batteries in them. I will be selling these units for $5,150 each plus hst. I will be upgrading several of these units with lift kits, lights, rear seats and few are being vinyl wrapped/painted. So please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote for an upgraded unit. 

Below one finished up with rear seat kit, LED light kit, prices for those units are $5,875+hst. I will be updating again with ones that have lifts and rim/tire combos.


2015 Cushman Hauler Pro X with brand new 8-volt batteries, that make a 72-volt system. Do not be shy to work with this one, it has power for days in it. It comes with 2 sets of tires, soft turf tire, and more aggressive mud tire. Also has a manual dump box on it, with front lights, horn and battery gauge. Price for this unit is $7,999+hst.